Traverse is a freelance front end web development studio with a specialty in shopify ecommerce theme development

You can't get a new perspective by standing still.

Traverse Design is a company forged in the spirit of adventure.

Mountains, rivers, trees, and sky—getting away and exploring the unfamiliar has a power to create space and perspective.

Traverse is a metaphor for getting up and moving, because seeing a problem from a different point of view is often the first step toward solving it.

The What and the How

Content Creation.
process Consulting.
Creative Consulting.

Traverse was conceived to discover and solve the real problems facing its clients.

Communication, perspective, and understanding are key to operating smoothly—taking the bigger picture into consideration when solving problems is a philosophy that I operate by for each and every client I work with.

Whether I'm building your website, photographing your products, or building a system for your team to automate your creative processes, every project that I work on becomes my own; that means just as much ingenuity and attention to detail is given to your creative content and online presence as you pour into your business.

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Connect & Discover
Strategize & Execute

Topo Designs

Web Development, UX Consulting

Shopify Plus, Liquid, HTML, CSS, Javascript
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Vinyl Me, Please

Web Development, UX Consulting

Shopify Plus, Liquid, HTML, CSS, Javascript
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Flashpacker Connect

Web Design, Development, Creative Consulting

Webflow CMS, HTML, CSS, Javascript
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Vortic Watch Co

Web Design, Development, Process Consulting, Studio and Lifestyle Photography

Shopify, Bold Apps, imgix API, Liquid, HTML, CSS, Javascript
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Web Development, UX Consulting

Webflow CMS, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Vimeo API
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Let's Chat

The Traverse office/studio is in Fort Collins, Colorado, just 60 minutes north of Denver. Weekday afternoons are typically reserved for calls and meetings.

Get in contact with me to check my current availability as it changes frequently and I usually book projects a few weeks in advance. Shoot me an email and we can set up a time to sit down over some coffee or beer, or chat on FaceTime/Hangouts.
Darren Squashic, Web Developer, Consultant, Product Photographer
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