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Traverse Design is a company forged in the spirit of adventure.

We travel, we backpack, we sleep in the dirt, we pedal up mountains and ride down them. We do this because it's our passion, and our passion informs our plans and our actions.

We bring this knowledge and passion to all the projects we work on.

The What and the How

Content Creation.
process Consulting.

Traverse was formed on the basic idea that every business is unique and should be treated that way.

If you really believe your business is different and worthwhile then you owe it to yourself to build a website that equals your efforts, and to fill that website with meaningful, original content.

Every project that Traverse works on becomes its own, and that means just as much passion and ingenuity is placed on your creative assets and website as you put into your business.

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Strategize & Execute

Topo Designs

Web Development, UX Consulting

Shopify, Bold Apps, Search Apps, Liquid, HTML, CSS, Javascript
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Vinyl Me, Please

Web Development, UX Consulting

Shopify Plus, Liquid, HTML, CSS, Javascript
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Flashpacker Connect

Web Design, Development, Creative Consulting

Webflow CMS, HTML, CSS, Javascript
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Vortic Watch Co

Web Design, Development, Process Consulting, Studio and Lifestyle Photography

Shopify, Bold Apps, imgix, Liquid, HTML, CSS, Javascript
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Web Development, UX Consulting

Webflow CMS, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Vimeo API
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Let's Work Together

The Traverse office/studio is in Fort Collins, Colorado, just 60 minutes north of Denver. Weekday afternoons are reserved for calls and meetings.

Projects are usually booked several weeks in advance. Get in touch to check current availability. We can set up a time to sit down over some coffee or beer, or chat on Hangouts/Skype.

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